V Meets Army: BTS Member Surprises Fan Hayoung (2024)

Just when we thought we couldn’t adore BTS’ V anymore, he proved to ARMYs once again how much of a gentle and kindhearted person he is. And now, supporters all over the world couldn’t help but wish they’re in the shoes of their co-fan Kim Hayoung.

[#오늘의방탄] 수고했어 오늘도 2023! #V 와의 우연이 아닌 특별한 만남🎁 오늘 아미들도 좋은 하루를 보냈길 바라요☺️💜 모두 수고했어요!
#오늘의뷔 #뷔 #BTS #방탄소년단 #V_Layover #수고했어오늘도 #dingo #홀로그램처럼생긴남자 #김다정닉값레전드 pic.twitter.com/ljitycupw8

— BTS_official (@bts_bighit) August 31, 2023

On the Thursday, August 31 episode of Dingo Story, V, whose real name is Kim Taehyung, surprised the fan Hayoung, who is preparing to become a military officer.

While she initially thought that she was being interviewed about her struggles at school, Hayoung was shocked when the BTS member called her name.

Hayoung and V’s unforgettable day

First, the idol tried to get to know Hayoung better by asking her why she dreams of becoming an army officer. To which she said that it’s because she wanted to do something for her parents and that it’s also a good opportunity overall.

👤: it’s a dream
🐻: then ARMY is a dream.
👤: Yes, ARMY is ARMY #뷔 #V #DingoStoryWithV pic.twitter.com/F5ZKxhjBls

— bts memeories⁷ (@btsmemeories) August 31, 2023

Then, the student started opening up about her school concerns, disclosing that she previously failed exams. She said that it even reached the point where she almost lost contact with other people.

As way of coping up, she found strength by listening to BTS songs. In turn, V consoled her as he revealed that he also didn’t had many friends.

One of his advice was to just give it time, assuring her that she’ll get along with someone in the future.

Taehyung : I can relate to you so much. There was a time when I didn't have any friends.
I've felt that ppl don't like me, but it's not because I'm not a good person, but over time, you'll definitely get along with someone.


— 낭만태형 | LAYO( ꪜ )ER🙋🏻‍♂️✌🏼 (@Romantic_Tae) August 31, 2023

To cheer Hayoung up, V spent the whole day with her. They ate delicious meal, played video games, competed at the arcade, and took pictures at the photobooth.

TAEHYUNG WITH HAYOUNG pic.twitter.com/Te5lL0ewwD

— 𓂋 (@archivefortae) August 31, 2023

“You really smiled a lot today,” the idol told his fan. “It makes me really feel good too.”

When it was time for them to part ways, Hayoung couldn’t help but shed some tears. Upon seeing her tear up, the singer hugged her and consoled her.

“See you again later,” he promised her.

Hayoung burst into tears after filming, and Taehyung stopped his way and came back,
"Ha Young-a, you can't cry. You are going to be an officer of the country, but how can you shed these tears easily?"
Taehyung hugged her once again.
"Thank you. okay okay…See you again later" pic.twitter.com/tYG1TQ0chl

— 낭만태형 | LAYO( ꪜ )ER🙋🏻‍♂️✌🏼 (@Romantic_Tae) August 31, 2023

During the show, V also gave sweet messages for Hayoung. “Thank you for loving me. Don’t have a hard time, stay healthy, and don’t get sick. I hope you always have good things and have good days,” he said.

Tae : I have a lot of people who are on my mind now.
As I work, I think there are people who get along with me one by one.
👩🏻 : Thank you.
Tae : Thank you for loving me. Don't have a hard time, stay healthy & don't get sick. I hope you always have good things and have good days.

— 낭만태형 | LAYO( ꪜ )ER🙋🏻‍♂️✌🏼 (@Romantic_Tae) August 31, 2023

Taehyung : Ha Young-a. Don't get sick and let's hang out again after you will be an officer. PP-IGHTING (way to go)

TAEHYUNG ON DINGO STORY #DingoStoryWithV pic.twitter.com/qoEXGjwrY8

— 낭만태형 | LAYO( ꪜ )ER🙋🏻‍♂️✌🏼 (@Romantic_Tae) August 31, 2023

Praises for V

Following the airing of the episode, fans couldn’t help but praise V for this heartwarming moment with Hayoung.

Several were pointing out how the interaction showed how genuine and caring he is as an idol.

▫️I guess I love V. I just became a fan. But I already love him so much.

▫️Since he told ARMY what he always says on Weverse Live, it feels like V was always sincere. I was so happy and touched because I was able to relate to the ARMY girl.

— 낭만태형 | LAYO( ꪜ )ER🙋🏻‍♂️✌🏼 (@Romantic_Tae) August 31, 2023

Meanwhile, other fans were jokingly expressing their envy at how lucky Hayoung is.

Kim Hayoung, the lucky ARMY, who able to spent a day with Taehyung

– having lunch + talk
– playing game
– take some pictures
– last hug before going pic.twitter.com/qWK9LUoKM7

— keci⁷⁺¹ 💜 (slow) (@likechizu) August 31, 2023

But the bond between the idol and the fan didn’t stop when the filming for the episode ended.

After the episode aired, V took to his own personal social media account to share an update about Hayoung. Based on his post, the student passed her exams successfully, joking that she’s a real ARMY now.

[20230831] Taehyung shared the photobooth pictures with Hayoung (ARMY) on IG Story! 🥺#V #뷔 @BTS_twt pic.twitter.com/DGzUNEPSvd

— V•JIMIN Updates! ʟᴀʏᴏ(ꪜ)ᴇʀ (@95Z_TWTS) August 31, 2023

THV Instagram story update!

Ha-Young messaged Taehyung after passing her exams successfully, saying how she "literally" became an ARMY now. Taehyung shared the message and congratulated her.

🐯: The writer contacted me. Congratulations 🥳

📎https://t.co/vFH3KQku3K pic.twitter.com/mH6mIng5dr

— The Purple Herald (@thepurpleherald) August 31, 2023

The Dingo Story guesting is just one of V’s promotional activities for his upcoming solo album Layover.

Set for a September 8 release, Layover will have a total of six songs, with“Slow Dancing” being the title track.

Ahead of the album’s release, V already dropped the music videos for tracks “Love Me Againand Rainy Days.” Additionally, V also released his three older solo songs on streaming platforms.

Aside from Dingo Story, V is also confirmed to guest on You Quiz on the Block, Running Man, among others.

Featured image: BTS member V spent the day with the lucky fan Hayoung. Credit: YouTube/Dingo Story

V Meets Army: BTS Member Surprises Fan Hayoung (2024)


What does Borahae mean? ›

“Borahae” or “I Purple You” means "I'll love you till the end of days," since purple (violet) is the last color of the rainbow. The phrase combines two Korean words: Violet (bora) and I love you (saranghae) 💜🇰🇷

Who was the secret member of BTS? ›

2013–present: BTS

Pre-debut, V was the "secret member" of BTS: fans were unaware of his existence as his agency wished to keep him a surprise. He later stated that the concept made him feel lonely and uneasy at the time as he thought it was because he might be cut from the lineup.

Who is the latest BTS member to join the military? ›

Jung Kook officially enlisted in the military on Dec. 12, 2023. The youngest member went live on Weverse to say goodbye to his fans, sharing what he was up to and how he prepared himself before beginning his service.

Who made the phrase I purple you? ›

It all began during BTS' third muster, an annual fan meeting in November 2016, when Kim Taehyung, also known as V, spontaneously coined the phrase I purple you.

Does Borahae mean I love you? ›

“bora” in korean means purple, and the term “hae” has been derived from the word “saranghae” which means “i love you”. in conclusion bora+hae=borahae (i purple you). Purple is used here as BTS and ARMYs ocean's colour is purple. Borahae means ; i will love you for a long time.

Who made up Borahae? ›

V, real name Kim Tae-hyung, first created the phrase “Borahae” during a Nov. 13, 2016 fan meeting, when he said, “Borahae, like the last color of the rainbow purple (bora), means we will to the end trust each other and love each other for a long time,” the KIPO said. “I purple you” has become synonymous with BTS.

Who is not virgin in BTS? ›

RM liberally said himself he is not a virgin lol.

Why was V kept hidden? ›

The management was afraid that if they revealed Taehyung before BTS's debut, bigger companies at that time (SM, JYP and YG) will woo Taehyung with better offers. Therefore, they kept him hidden. Taehyung used to record video diaries just like other members did but his videos were never posted.

Who is the crush of V? ›

During an interview, V was asked to reveal his celebrity crush, and he took no time to declare his love for Lily Collins, adding that Love, Rosie (2014) is his favorite film of all time.

Does JK have a wife? ›

Rowling married Neil Murray, a doctor, in 2001.

Is Jungkook going to the military? ›

K-Pop in Uniform: All 7 BTS Members Are Doing Military Service. The last two members, Jimin and Jungkook, began their 18-month military duty in South Korea on Tuesday. Some fans say they should have been exempt.

Who is Jungkook's twin brother? ›

What does 💜 mean in BTS? ›

The purple heart 💜 is a symbol of love, trust, and support within the BTS fandom, ARMY. It was originally coined by BTS member V (Kim Taehyung) during a fan meeting in 2016. He explained that the color purple represents the last color of the rainbow, signifying that their love for ARMY will last forever.

What color is the BTS heart? ›

Since then, BTS fandom adopted the color purple, and they will often use the Purple Heart emoji 💜 on social media.

What is BTS official color? ›

From that point on, Army declared purple as BTS' official colour, and "I purple you" as their adorable way of saying, "I love you to the moon and back".

What is the answer of Borahae? ›

What is “Borahae?” Coined V during a 2016 concert, “borahae” or “I Purple You” means "I'll love you till the end of days," since purple (violet) is the last color of the rainbow. The phrase combines two Korean words: Violet (bora) and I love you (saranghae).

What is apobangpo in Korean? ›

Apobangpo (아포방포) - Meaning “ARMY Forever, Bangtan Forever”, also abbreviated as AFBF.

What is the difference between Borahae and saranghae? ›

Answer: Coined V during a 2016 concert, “borahae” or “I Purple You” means "I'll love you till the end of days," since purple (violet) is the last color of the rainbow. The phrase combines two Korean words: Violet (bora) and I love you (saranghae). ... Purple means I will trust and love you for a long time…

Why does Taehyung say purple? ›

To explain the reason behind using the colour "purple" instead of "love", V said, "Do you know what purple means? Purple is the last colour of all the rainbow colours, so it means I will trust and love you for a long time."

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