See Nicki Minaj's cutest moments with her son Papa Bear (2024)

Nicki Minaj is currently topping the charts with her latest hit-single "Super Freaky Girl." While she's not slaying the rap game in the studio, she's enjoying everything that motherhood has to offer.

Ahead of the hip-hop icon being honored with the Video Vanguard Award at this year's MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, Aug. 28, we're taking a look back on her journey into motherhood.

Who is Nicki Minaj's son?

In September 2020, she welcomed her first child, a boy, with husband Kenneth Petty. While Minaj still has yet to reveal her son's name, she did say that she feels very "blessed" to have her little one in her life. She lovingly refers to her son as Papa Bear, while her loyal fanbase — the Barbz — has nicknamed him Simba.

“I think motherhood has made me see more good in people, more good in the universe. It makes you more of a forgiving person,” she told host James Corden on "The Late Late Show" in February 2022.

“When I look at my son, I’m reminded that I am so blessed,” she continued. “I realized, for so many women, this is their dream. Their dream is to have a child and not everybody gets that blessing. So when you have a little baby, you are reminded every day like, ‘Oh my God. Thank you, God, for this little gift.'"

During the interview, Minaj revealed that her son was already walking and repeating words that he shouldn't say.

"A couple of times I feel like we might’ve heard him say something a little crazy," she laughed.

However, Minaj noted that she doesn't plan on letting her son enter the music industry anytime soon.

“He’s a show off, but I’m not letting him rap. I’m not letting him do nothing about no music," she told her fans on the"DJ Buck & Friends"podcast in February.

As Minaj's son gets older, check out all these cute pics that she's shared of him over the years.

Scroll below to see all photos Nicki Minaj has shared of her son on Instagram:

A big celebration

On Aug. 23, Minaj's son helped her celebrate the success of her latest single, "Super Freaky Girl," which soared to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in August.

Her little guy came outside and started hugging one of the pink balloons that Minaj had in her driveway which spelled out the name of her catchy tune.

"Mama loves you papa bear," she wrote in the caption while mentioning her son's nickname. "You make every single moment worth it."

Spending time with dad

On July 6, Minaj shared a sweet photo of her two guys spending time together, and in the picture, her son wore a cute yellow tracksuit with designer shoes.

A 'Moment 4 Life'

In March, Minaj reminisced on her 2010 hit single, "Moment 4 Life" when she posted a photo of herself with her family.

In the caption, she wrote a few lyrics from the song that related to the picture and said, "I sprinkle holy water upon the vampire / In this very moment I'm KING / In this very moment I slay Goliath w|the sling."

A car fit for a King

For Christmas 2021, Minaj gifted her son a toy Lamborghini and she showed off his sweet new ride on Instagram.

The best part about the present was that his nickname, Papa Bear, was on the license plate.

An unforgettable Christmas

Not only did Minaj's kid get a toy Lambo, but he got a fresh white truck, too.

The family portrait we've all been waiting for

The Barbz got a cool gift for Christmas 2021 when Minaj shared a heartwarming family picture on Instagram of her and her family dressed in all black.

'Go, Papa!'

The "first official video" that Minaj shared of her son was when she took him on a trip on her jet and had him grooving on the plane.

"Go, papa," the "Super Bass" rapper and Petty chanted over and over again while their kid smiled on the aircraft and showed off his moves.

Dressed in all black

Minaj and her hubby showed off their stellar style when they got dressed up in all black to match their baby's cool Balenciaga fit.

First birthday party!

On Instagram, Minaj gave her son a sweet shout-out for his first birthday. She wrote, "On Sept. 30th you turned 1. Mama is so proud of you, PapaBear. You’re the best boy in the whole wide world. I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but God bless you, son. Mommy & Daddy will never stop loving you."

Papa Bear meets a few heavy hitters in the music industry

In September 2021, Minaj's son met pop superstar Rihanna and her boyfriend, A$AP Rocky. Judging by the picture, they all had a good time together.

On the same day that he met Rihanna, Papa bear surprised his parents when he told the Barbz "hi" at the exact moment when Minaj told him to.

Minaj almost couldn't believe it.

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See Nicki Minaj's cutest moments with her son Papa Bear (2024)
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