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It is heartbreaking to see someone we love leave. The same is with our beloved dogs. When a dog passes away, he takes a piece of your heart with you.

This experience is equal to losing a family member. It feels worse to realize that your doggo’s short life was full of love and now you will crave for it.

In such a heavy and emotional situation, multiple thoughts can come to mind. And your dog waiting for you in heaven is one of them.

Today we will unfold some facts about the same and some indications that validate it.

Is my dog in heaven waiting for me?

No one on the earth can give you the exact answer to this question. But there are several reports of pet parents that suggest their dogs visited them after dying.

Animal communicators will agree on this. As they believe that pets and humans are connected by the thread of love. And this thread cannot be cut off by death.

Talking about religious texts, there are different religious interpretations to give you the answer to “Is my dog in heaven waiting for me?”

Key factors include:

  • Concept of Hell/Heaven
  • Abrahamic religions
  • Concept of after-death experience

If you are a believer in these religious texts then you will surely be meeting your doggo in heaven.

Signs that indicate your dog waiting for you in heaven

Smelling odors of your dog

According to science, pets in heaven can send signs via scents and odours. These scents and odours are not usual but the exact same ones that the dog had.

One of my friends had a Labrador named “Jimmy”. He told me that Jimmy hated bathing but loved to jump in swamps. This created a different odour that my friend could easily recognize.

After Jimmy passed away, my friend would sense the same odour while working in his office.

Hearing sounds

84% of pet owners claim that they heard their beloved pets after they died. This is included in a study about grief and the “false recognitions” that people face due to the loss.

Studies show that humans may hear the sound of their beloved pets due to sadness and grief. It may take a long time for humans to recover from this heavy pain and highly affect their lives.

A question that arises here is that is hearing sounds is only due to grief or it is after-death communication (ADC).

Many animal communicators believe that it is the latter. Sound is one of the common signs that pets send in the afterlife. Also, animals can make sounds that relate to them like –

  • Faint bark
  • Sound of the collar
  • Their favourite toy
  • Feeling the presence of your dog

Many people say that they have seen their dogs for a brief second. This is due to the attachment and habit of your pet you have. But it can be considered as a sign.

Your pet may give you an illusion of himself for a fraction of a second. This gives hope that the pet is back but then the reality hits hard again.

Other life forms visit you

In Japan and China, white butterflies represent the departed souls of close ones (in humans).

But according to the writer Karen Anderson, this is applicable for pets as well.

Karen Anderson is an afterlife expert and believes that pets can send other insects or animals. Also, place them where the humans will notice.

Hence, based on this assumption, you can say that your doggo is sending signals that e is waiting for you in heaven.

How do I know my dog is in heaven?+Will Our Dogs be Waiting For us?

  1. Scents and odors
  2. Telepathic messages of feelings or thoughts
  3. Dream messages
  4. Physical touch as if your pet is close to you
  5. Moving objects
  6. Feeling the presence

Reasons you will meet your doggo in heaven

Religion states that

Religions believe that dogs go to heaven after death. And it’s your deeds on the earth that decides whether you got to heaven or hell.

If you go to heaven then you will definitely meet your furry friend there.

The power of love and belief

The power of love and belief is the strongest. If you loved your dogs then definitely you will meet your furry friend in heaven.

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What to do after a pet dies?

I know it is quite a depressing situation but we must understand the importance of our pet’s life and the reason he is gone. In such a situation we must –

  • Contact the vet
  • Place a towel under the mouth and tail
  • Do let the other pets smell the deceased pet
  • Do not try to handle your pet alone

Final words

Dogs are the wonderful creation of God. Throughout their life, they spread happiness and love around everyone.

When a dog dies, the whole family is highly affected. The routine gets disturbed, the surrounding environment lacks happiness, no one wants to talk, etc. In this situation, you must understand that death is inevitable and you cannot change anything.

One thing that is definite is that your dog is waiting for you in heaven. He is waiting to see you there, play with you, and spend the afterlife in heaven with you.

If your dog has just passed away, please be patient with yourself and feel free to take all the time you need to grieve. You will get through this, it will just take some time and patience.

If you need to talk, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a friend, family member, or a professional. Please remember that you are not alone and we are all here for you.

I am sure that this is hard to hear if you have lost a dog. Actually, it was hard to write and I will never forget when my dog died.

I was very young and I had him for many years. I am sure if I am reading this, you are feeling the same way.

We hope you are connected to this article. Our aim is to provide you with interesting articles that help you handle different situations regarding your dog.

We will be back soon with some other interesting topics, till then stay connected. And thank you for reading.

Frequently asked questions

Will I be reunited with my dog in heaven?

It is a heartfelt question to ask that will you be able to see your dog again. If you have loved your doggo and your dog loved you; then you both will be reunited. It’s the vibrational energy between you two that you will be reunited in heaven.

Will my dog visit me after death?

Your dog can visit you after he dies and send you signs to let you know he is near. Your doggo can visit you anytime but most commonly it is during the night.

Do dogs go to heaven with their owners?

Yes. dogs can go to heaven with their owners. It’s the good deeds of both that god lets them go to heaven together.

How long does it take to get over your dog’s death?

This time varies from person to person. For one, it may take a few months to get normal but for another one, it may take a year or so.

Is it ok to feel guilty after a pet dies?

Guilt is a normal feeling after someone you love dies. You must handle this situation maturely and make yourself understand that death is a natural process.

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