Giant Cinnamon Roll Scone Recipe (2024)



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Alternative wording for step 7: Cut your rectangle into 4 equal strips, in the direction of stripes on an American flag. Take one strip and roll it into a cinnamon roll, then set it in the center of the pan. Take the next strip and wrap it around the first cinnamon roll to create a larger cinnamon roll. Repeat with the third and fourth strips so that in the end you have one giant cinnamon roll in the middle of your pan, then press down on it gently to make the whole thing about 9in in diameter.

Doug Knopp

I can't for the life of me picture what you are talking about in step 7. Can you please clarify, or add pictures? thank you!

Leigh R

Made this a second time in a cast iron skillet lined with parchment —25 min at 350. Came out beautifully! Bonus, you don’t have to chill the dough for 30 min, so you can get to the deliciousness faster!


I think you are to make a large cinnamon roll, starting with the center and working outward, starting each of the 3 remaining strips where the previous left off. The first strip is rolled to make the center, then the others rolled around to it to form a larger circle. I hope that makes sense!


There is a video of recipe on the author's Instagram @erin.bakes Very helpful!


I mixed the dough in my mixer with the paddle attachment until just formed and then skipped to the part where you pat out dough and spread with cinnamon/butter. Worked great!


Followed the note below about baking in a parchment lined cast iron skillet for 25 minutes, then baked a couple of extra minutes. Came out delicious. I also backed the sugar in the scone dough down to 1/4 cup. Could back it off even more since the sugar in the filling and the icing is plenty.


I made this with King Arthur gluten free flour and it turned out great! I did have to cook it for an additional 15 minutes to get the desired scone texture

John S

Lots of work but the end product is quite special. Recommended cooking time is, however, not sufficient. Using 24 minutes, from the outer edge half-way to the center of the circle the result was more or less acceptable but the remainder required at least an additional five to seven minutes of time. It might be better to separate the circle into two half circles. Think of it as social distancing for scone dough.

Leigh R

Mine came out underdone inside, even though the outside looked perfectly beautiful. I’m going to make them in a cast iron skillet next time and report back!


If you look at the picture, it's one continuous spiral (like a traditional cinnamon role) you role the first of the 4 strips into a coil, place in center of baking sheet, then continue coil effect by wrapping each of the other 3 pieces around coil, creating a bigger coil. Voila!


I did not have cream, so I used mostly coconut milk and a bit of half-and-half. Worked great. Did not have a coconut flavor.

Kyleigh Ann

As many have stated, the directions are a little confusing, but don't overthink it. Keep in mind that the final shape is a cinnamon role and you'll need strips long enough to form a cinnamon roll. A second note is that I actually cooked mine in a cast iron skillet for 40-45 minutes. The tops of the scones browned, but did not burn. There were no raw sections in the dough. Lastly, unless you NEED a bunch of icing, the icing amount can be halved, and I maybe only used a 1/3 of the icing.

Vegan Version

I made a vegan version of this and it turned out fantastic! I used Miyoko’s European style vegan butter (cultured cashew based butter) and Coconut cream in place of the heavy cream. Did not taste like coconut at all and was just as moist and fluffy as the real deal. 10/10


I think half and half or maybe even whole milk would work fine here. I would increase the butter by 1-2 tablespoons to compensate for the loss of fat, though.


I baked in an up heated cast iron skillet for 30 minutes and was slightly raw in the center but edible and delicious. Next time I will bake about 3-4 minutes longer. These were delicious!

Lucille Lo Sapio

I’d like to make this low carb with either almond or coconut flour (and, of course, non sugar sweeteners). Any special instructions?


This was very delicious. Plenty sweet without the icing. I had trouble getting the filling to adhere-it was very buttery- but i added a couple tablespoons of flour to the mixture and that helped. I think it helped the scones stick together, too, because they tend to fall apart where the strips meet.


Has anyone tried these scones without the icing?


It's kind of surprising that there aren't any Cooking Notes about the amount of cream in this recipe. Even though there is the note in the ingredient list referencing the cream, "plus more as needed," it would be helpful to include info about how much more cream might need to be added, (much like the addition of ice water when making pie crust) in order to create a "loose dough." While the flavor of the competed scone was quite good and the presentation fun, it was a struggle to get there.

Delicious Scones!

I have made these scones twice now and LOVE them! I doubled the recipe last time. I intend to triple it in a couple of weeks to bring to Christmas celebrations - does anyone have any suggestions as to how I could create smaller scones while maintaining the nice cinnamon roll swirl effect? Maybe I could use a cookie cutter to cut circles out of the large spiral prior to sticking them in the oven? I want smaller individual servings that will be presentable on a platter and easy to grab at a party.


This is one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten!

Victoria Walters

Katie and Leslie's comments about Step 7 are definitely correct, I misunderstood and made four separate cinnamon rolls and then put them close together almost like a flower and smashed them with my hands, it also worked really well! NYT change that step and make it clearer please!! - I also subbed 70g cream cheese which make it a little chewier/softer (in a good way)


This was fun to make, but not outstanding to eat. Was not crumbly, as scones usually are, was very cake-like and had an aftertaste of salt. Perhaps non kosher salt would have been better to use.


Totally agree more bake time is needed. Also agree the recipe makes too much icing. Great recipe overall. I’ll be making again with adjustments.

Jeanie HB

Very tasty, I loved it. I couldn’t understand the instructions for putting it together, so I cut it in thirds, just rolled it out, added filling,rolled it up and cut chunks and baked it. Super good


Made this recipe about 3 hours ago. Thinking of structuring the dough like a large cinnamon roll is the perfect idea! It is Fabulous! It was more cake-like and less like a traditional scone. I am taking some to our neighbors now so we won’t eat it all!


As others have noted, these were a bit sweet. I liked the texture - softer than my usual scone, but not as pillowy as standard cinnamon rolls. Instead of making one big round, after brushing the dough with the cinnamon butter I rolled the entire thing into a log and sliced it into 8 pieces. So each one looked much more like a cinnamon roll than a scone. I suspect this dough could also be used with other fillings, like par-cooked raspberries or Marionberries.


Very yummy, exactly what it says — a cinnamon roll in scone form. Definitely came out underbaked. In most other scone recipes I always pull the wedges apart and bake until the cut side spaces in between the scones are golden as well, I will do that the next time I make this and bake it for at least another 5-7 mins.


This was so yummy! Married 43 years - and we had fun making it together and enjoying the giant scone for breakfast (3times). Thanks for a joyful recipe! The commentary was especially entertaining.

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Giant Cinnamon Roll Scone Recipe (2024)
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