Drew Starkey’s High School: Is It True That the Outer Banks Attended St. Stephens High School? (2024)


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Feb 26, 2023 @ 3:14 EST

Drew Starkey’s High School: Is It True That the Outer Banks Attended St. Stephens High School? (1)

Yes, it's true that Drew Starkey from Netflix's Outer Banks attended St. Stephens High School in Hickory, North Carolina. According to some reports, he used to play basketball in his teenage years. He later graduated from Western Carolina University in 2016.

Fans of Netflix's teenage drama, Outer Banks, won't need reminding that the show's third season has officially arrived on the streaming service. Since 2020, devoted OBX-ers have enjoyed the show's probability-stretching twists and turns, which are sort of a fun-loving mix between The Goonies, The Hardy Boys, and Dawson's Creek.

The group of adventure-seeking Pogues from South Carolina's sun-drenched beachfront (a.k.a. "paradise on Earth") will hopefully follow all the same threads this season as they attempt to find a $400 million treasure hidden someplace in the Bahamas. The story begins with the teen group washed up on a barren island, which they quickly nickname "Poguelandia."

Drew Starkey, who plays the role of Rafe Cameron in the series, has been getting a lot of attention ever since the shoe started airing. His character of menacing nature and overzealous behavior has been a favorite of many of the viewers. As a result, many of his fans want to know more about him, including his high school. Well, we've got you covered.

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Drew Starkey’s High School: The Outer Banks Cast Attended St. Stephens High School in Hickory, North Carolina!

Drew Starkey from Outer Banks attended St. Stephens High SchoolinHickory, North Carolina. He played basketball for the school team. He enrolled in Western Carolina University after finishing his schooling, and he graduated in 2016.

More about Drew's high school, St. Stephens High School is a part of the Catawba County School District and is located in Catawba County. Allen Frye, Peace Academy, Lail, Sandy Ridge, and Cloninger merged into one institution to establish St. Stephens. R. N. Hoyle served as the institution's first instructor and principal when it initially opened its doors in the fall of 1934. Up until 1953, elementary through high school students attended classes in the original school building until St. Stephens High School received its own new structure.

Now that you've got your answer. Let's have a look at Drew Starkey's early life and career. Drew was born on November 4, 1993, in North Carolina, USA. He grew up alongside his three siblings. Although the names of his parents have not yet been revealed, Lo is the name of his brother, and Makayla and Brooke are the names of his sisters.

At the start of his acting career, Drew Starkey (@drewstarkey) played minor parts in movies. In the 2018 movie, American Animals, he made his acting debut as Frat Boy. He was then given the chance to appear in Love, Simon that year. Later, he played the part of Garett in the Greg Bertlant-directed film, which also starred Nick Robinson, Jennifer Garner, and Josh Duhamel.

As a few opportunities came themselves, his career began to follow an upward trajectory. He appeared in the 2019 film, The Hate U Give, as an officer. But, he didn't really make his breakthrough until he was given the opportunity to play Rafe Cameron in Outer Banks. Also, he has had important roles in programs including Final Game, Devil's Night, and The Deadfast Club.

Will There Be Season 4 of Outer Banks?

People, it's official. Season 4 of Outer Banks has already been renewed. Before Season 3 even premiered, Netflix made the announcement. Outer Banks has already earned a position on the steamer's Top 10 list since the most recent set of episodes aired this week. If that's a sign of things to come, we believe Chase Stokes, Madison Cline, and the rest of the OBX team will face additional difficulties.

Despite the fact that the details are still mostly a mystery, the cast is excited about Season 4. They showed up to Pogelandia, a trip that Netflix sponsored in the Outer Banks, on February 18. The event, which took place at Huntington Beach, California, included musical performances, games, and other ludicrous activities with an Outer Banks theme, as well as special appearances by the actors.

At one point, the performers briefly entered the stage to share the good news with the audience. Afterward, the series' Instagram account posted two pictures from the incident with the caption, "We raged. We saw. We conquered!! OBX Season 4!!! Lets Gooooo!”

While viewers are undoubtedly devouring the newest episodes, the show's creators, Shannon Burke, Josh Pate, and Jonas Pate, are already thinking about the future. They said in a news release that our beloved explorers are about to experience a whirlwind. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait to find out what they've created.

Before leaving, find outwho has the diary.

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Drew Starkey’s High School: Is It True That the Outer Banks Attended St. Stephens High School? (2024)
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