8 Signs that Your Recently Departed Loved One Is Near (2023)

8 Signs that Your Recently Departed Loved One Is Near (1)

The death of a loved one is one of life's most difficult experiences, but the good news is that we do not really die. Our departed loved ones are still with us, just in a different form. After death, they are usually very eager to let us know that they are okay and that they still want to be part of our lives. There are multiple signs that let us know that our loved one is near and trying to comfort us or communicate with us.

We have learned from the work of Dr. Michael Newton and others that we are Souls who join with a human body to live life on earth to grow spiritually. Our real home is in the Spirit World. We carefully plan our lives on earth. However, we do not remember this and believe that our conscious existence is all there is. That way we can have an authentic experience while we are here on earth.

When our body dies, we return home. As Souls, we are pure energy and have new abilities. We have the freedom to visit and interact with our loved ones who are still living on earth in human bodies. The Soul, who was our departed loved one, is often right beside us and trying to let us know that they are there.

As a Michael Newton Institute Life Between Lives® facilitator, I have guided hundreds of individuals through the death of their body in a past life. Frequently, the Soul will go immediately to their loved ones to try and comfort them and let them know that they are still around. Among my cases, about half stay on earth for a while after their death before crossing to the other side. They may attend their funeral or Memorial service and spend time visiting those who were important to them or places that they loved during their time on earth. Even after the Soul returns home to the spirit world, they usually remain notably close to their loved ones who are still living on earth, for up to two years. After that they still make visits, but less frequently.

Our departed loved ones create experiences, sensations, and signals to let us know that they are around. At first it may be difficult for us to detect these signs, as heavy grief tends to block our awareness. It is during quiet times and times when we are alone that we are most likely to be aware that our loved one is near. Here are eight signs you may experience.

  1. Sudden feeling of warmth and comfort. This is often the first sign that we experience after the death of someone close to us. A feeling of well-being may briefly come over us. We may even feel as if someone has lightly brushed against our skin, or we may feel a tingling sensation. We may feel that someone is watching us, but we do not feel afraid. For just a moment, our deep sadness lifts. These are subtle signs that may go unnoticed at first.
  2. Signal from one of our five senses. We may see our departed love one manifest right before our eyes, either looking just as they did when they were alive or in holographic form. Or we may spot them walking in front of us on the sidewalk or down a hallway. These visions are usually very brief. We may hear the voice of our loved one, calling our name. Again, this is usually very brief, and we may question whether we saw or heard them at all. Their favorite song may suddenly come on the radio. Our other senses may be involved as well. We may abruptly taste or smell a food they particularly loved or may smell a fragrance or a scent that we associate with them. There may also be a light breeze or even a slight drop in temperature, causing goosebumps to appear. We may feel that someone has touched us, although no one is around. When these sensations occur, we may spontaneously think of our loved one and wonder if they are present. Chances are particularly good that they are.
  3. Electronics malfunctioning. As Souls, we can manipulate electricity or electronic devices. Thus, we may notice the lights flickering or blinking or after we turn the TV or radio off, it comes right back on. It is easy to think that this is just coincidence or a malfunction, but it is likely that this is a loved one letting us know that they are still with us. Or, as we are doing computer work, an email, or a photo of our loved one may suddenly appear on the screen. The phone may ring and when we answer there is nothing but static on the line or it may look like we have received a text message from them. These are all ways that our departed loved reach out to us.
  4. Finding unexpected or misplaced objects. The Soul of our loved one who is now in spirit can place objects in our path or move things around. We might find personal items or something that belonged to our lost loved one in an unexpected place. Or our glasses or keys may appear in a place other than where we are sure that we left them. Feathers, coins (especially pennies or dimes), or odd or unique stones may appear in our path. We may see flowers that our loved one particularly enjoyed frequently, or we may stumble upon a rainbow. We may see repeating numbers or even our loved one's name where we least expect it. We may find a random puddle of water on the kitchen floor or on the sidewalk with no obvious source. A photograph of our loved one may keep falling over or show up in various places in the room. These may seem like random events, but our loved one is letting us know that they are with us.
  5. An unusual encounter with a butterfly, bird, or animal. Butterflies or dragonflies may cluster around us, come extremely near to us or even land on our shoulder or hand. Or we might see one off-season. They seem unafraid and usually remain close to us for an unusual amount of time. The same thing may happen with a bird, especially a cardinal or the type of bird that our loved one favored. Not only do they remain close, but they may appear to be following us if we are walking. Small animals, especially ones that we do not usually see, may do the same thing. They may appear to be looking right at us. Spirit guides have reported during regression sessions that the insect, bird, or animal is very honored to carry this message of love to us from our loved one.
  6. A dream visit. One of the most satisfying encounters we may have with our loved one who is now in spirit is a dream visit. This does not usually happen right away, because during the time when we are deeply grieving, we will not remember our dreams. That first dream visit that we do remember will be very vivid and we may feel that it was real. It will seem so real that we will remember it clearly for days, months, or even years. We will have no doubt that our loved one has visited us. They will appear healthy and whole and behave in a loving manner. Our loved one is never angry, ill, or suffering in a dream visit. They may communicate verbally, telepathically, or not at all. The visit is to reassure us that they are still with us and are doing well. When we awaken, we will feel a wonderful sense of peace and well-being.
  7. Metaphysical occurrences. Out of the ordinary experiences we encounter may be a sign that our loved one in spirit is near. For example, during meditation we may experience a powerful vision, unlike anything that has come before. These visions are often related to the spirit world or the afterlife. We may have an out-of-body experience where we meet our loved one in spirit or feel disconnected from reality during these times. At another time we may see a vision of something that no one else can see. Or we may see orbs, globes of light, or see them later in a photograph. Orbs may be spirit or angelic visitations. Enlarged photos have revealed a face or faces in orbs.
  8. Coincidences and synchronicities. Our loved one in spirit tries to find ways to let us know that they are with us and watching over us. They can place thoughts in our minds by communicating telepathically with us. For example, when we have misplaced an item, a thought may suddenly come to us to look in an unexpected place and there it is. Or we may think of a friend or family member and then they call, or we run into them. We may be wondering what to do about a problem we are having, and we hear a conversation, see a magazine article, or hear a radio program that gives us just the information that we need. These situations occur because our loved one is with us and trying to make our lives on earth easier.

You Can Ask for a Sign
If you have not noticed a sign from your departed loved one or are not sure that you have, just ask directly for a sign. Let your loved one know that you just want to hear from them and know that they are okay. You can do this by thinking about them and either mentally asking for a sign, speaking your request aloud, or writing down your request.

Ask for a "without a doubt sign" and specify what you would like to experience. I suggest you make it something that the two of you have shared or that they know you like. You might ask to hear your favorite song, or see a particular bird or animal, or come across one of your favorite foods. Give them time to show you the sign and be prepared to accept it in the way it comes. It may appear, you may see it on TV or on a billboard, hear it or hear about it on the radio, or a friend may talk about it. Be attentive and open.

You may have to ask more than once, as our loved ones in spirit are not always with us and they might miss our first request. When we return home to the spirit world, we lead active lives. Initially our guides, Soul family, and spiritual helpers welcome us home. We may need recovery or adjustment time and we do a review of the life we have just lived with our spirit guides. Advanced Souls are better at energy manipulation than less experienced ones and so the level of sign you receive may vary. When you do receive a sign, let your loved one know that you are aware that they have responded to your request.

You will find that the more you look for signs, the more you are likely to experience them. Clients I work with in Past Life Regression and Life between Lives sessions have told me how hard they try to get the attention of the loved ones they have left behind on earth and how happy it makes them when you acknowledge their presence. Our loved ones in spirit want to remain a part of our lives and want to communicate with us.

For more suggestions on establishing contact and afterlife communication with loved ones in spirit, please see my book, Healing from Great Loss: Facing Pain and Grief to Recover Your Authentic Self. I would like to hear about your experiences with your loved ones in spirit. You can reach me at hypnoannclark@gmail.com. I send my best wishes to you.


How do you know if a loved one is passing? ›

What are the signs that someone is dying?
  • feeling weak and tired.
  • sleeping more or being drowsy.
  • feeling hot or cold.
  • cold hands or feet.
  • eating and drinking less.
  • bladder or bowel problems.
  • breathlessness (dyspnoea)
  • pain.
Nov 24, 2022

Can you feel the presence of a loved one who passed away? ›

After someone dies, it's normal to see or hear them. Some people also reporting sensing the smell or warmth of someone close to them, or just feel a very strong sense of their presence. Sometimes these feelings can be very powerful.

What does it mean when you feel the presence of someone dead? ›

The experience of sensing the presence of someone who has died is sometimes referred to as a “bereavement hallucination”. A hallucination is usually defined as a perceptual experience of something that is not really there.

What are examples of after death communication? ›

Smelling a fragrance that was very closely connected to your lost loved one, such as a perfume or cologne, a certain type of flowers, cigars, a specific meal they cooked, or a detergent they always used can be a sign of a loved one communicating after death.

Will we recognize each other in heaven? ›

In fact, the Bible indicates we will know each other more fully than we do now. The Apostle Paul declared, "Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known" (1 Corinthians 13:12). It's true that our appearance will change, because God will give us new bodies, similar to Jesus' resurrection body.

How do you connect with a deceased loved one? ›

12 Creative Ways to Feel Close to a Deceased Loved One
  1. Talk to people who knew them. ...
  2. Visit their hometown. ...
  3. Host a meal in their honor. ...
  4. Customize your own memorial Fingerprint Jewelry. ...
  5. Run a 5k supporting their favorite charity. ...
  6. Use something that belonged to them. ...
  7. Find a way to continue communicating with them.
Feb 27, 2023

Do loved ones know when you visit their grave? ›

Spiritual teachers and biblical references suggest that our beloved departed ones may know when we visit their grave, and people may feel a sense of being watched or comforted when they visit a loved one's grave.

What does it mean when you dream of someone who has passed on? ›

Dreaming of dead relatives often reflects your grief after losing a loved one. The dreams can feel so real that you temporarily forget the other person is gone. While dreaming of the deceased is often positive and comforting, it can also be unsettling.

Is it bad to talk to someone who passed away? ›

Talking to your loved one after their death is a common experience, and many people feel that the connection goes both ways. Grief experts say these conversations can be a healthy coping tool and a source of comfort.

What are the 5 signs of accepting death? ›

The five stages – denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance – are often talked about as if they happen in order, moving from one stage to the other. You might hear people say things like 'Oh I've moved on from denial and now I think I'm entering the angry stage'.

How do you know when a person is transitioning and actively dying? ›

Irregular breathing, panting and periods of not breathing may occur. Changes in breathing are very common and indicate a decrease in circulation to the internal organs. While these changes are not usually bothersome to the patient, they can be distressing to family members. Elevating the head may provide relief.

What is the first organ to shut down when dying? ›

The first organ system to “close down” is the digestive system. Digestion is a lot of work! In the last few weeks, there is really no need to process food to build new cells. That energy needs to go elsewhere.

How long do end of life symptoms last? ›

The active stage of dying generally only lasts for about 3 days. The active stage is preceded by an approximately 3-week period of the pre-active dying stage. Though the active stage can be different for everyone, common symptoms include unresponsiveness and a significant drop in blood pressure.

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