12 Best Mangrove Swamp Seeds for Minecraft 1.19 (2023)

It’s time to put on your mud boots as our wishes have been heard. The developers have finally updated the existing biomes in Minecraft 1.19 with new features, mobs, and variants. Minecraft’s swamp biome is the first to hit the jackpot with a revamp. This dull biome is now getting a new variant in the form of the mangrove swamps biome, which has unique trees, new blocks, and the popular Minecraft frogs. And if you want to explore the new features, our list of the best mangrove swamp seeds for Minecraft 1.19 is here to serve you. We have even collected the coordinates to help you find the key locations in each seed. There is a lot of exciting stuff for you to explore. So without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Best Mangrove Swamp Seeds for Minecraft (June 2022)

All the seeds on our list work on both Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions. But the parity in world generation is only limited to terrain and biomes. The structures, however, only spawn in their compatible edition. So, keep an eye out for a mention of the game’s edition alongside the coordinates for each structure below. As for the actual seeds, our list isn’t ranked in any way. You can use the table below to explore the ones that look intriguing to you.

Table of Contents

1. Witch Hut in Mangrove Swamps

12 Best Mangrove Swamp Seeds for Minecraft 1.19 (1)

Since its launch, witch hut is the only structure that generates in the swamp biome. But there is no such exclusive structure for the new mangrove swamp biome. Fortunately, this seed teaches the art of sharing to both biomes. It spawns a witch hut on the edge of a regular swamp biome and inside a mangrove swamp biome. Thanks to the hut’s height, it easily blends with the mangrove roots and new mud blocks to create an almost new structure.

  • Seed Code: 7325489283167511082
  • Coordinates: -488, 71, 24 (Bedrock)

2. Mangrove Savanna Village

As you might already know, the mangrove swamp is one of those biomes that don’t have a unique village of its own. It is surprisingly unfair because we already have swamp villagers in the game, but they don’t have a home to go to. Luckily, our seed allows us to experience what a potential swamp village would be like.

12 Best Mangrove Swamp Seeds for Minecraft 1.19 (2)

This seed spawns a savanna village on the edge of a huge mangrove swamp biome forcing the village to merge into the biome. The result is iconic scenery with a village, whose building style fits with the new biome. You simply have to replace the village’s wood with the mangrove wood to complete the conversion.

  • Seed Code: -7629099997520031087
  • Coordinates: 1304, 67, 776 (Bedrock)

3. Mangrove Swamp Survival Island

One of the best ways to experience Minecraft survival gameplay is with a survival island seed. Here, you spawn in the middle of the ocean with limited resources and nowhere to go. You have to rely on what you get and make the most out of it until you reach the game’s end.

12 Best Mangrove Swamp Seeds for Minecraft 1.19 (3)

Our next seed uses this concept to give us one of the densest survival islands of all time. It is made up of the jungle and the new mangrove swamp biome. You can clearly see the differences between these two while also admiring how well they blend.

  • Seed Code: -7135175970849399448
  • Coordinates: 0, 65, 0 (Bedrock & Java)

4. Surrounded by Swamp

Coming from our list of best Minecraft Bedrock 1.19 seeds, this seed gives us one of the weirdest desert villages. It spawns on a small desert biome chunk that is surrounded by mangrove swamps on all sides. Fortunately, since the village is a zombie village, you don’t have to worry about villagers being stuck here forever.

12 Best Mangrove Swamp Seeds for Minecraft 1.19 (4)

Because of the zombie village spawn, this seed offers you the perfect location to create a farm where to breed villagers in Minecraft. You just have to figure out how to get them here without getting lost in the mangrove’s twisted roots.

  • Seed Code: 618942075558609331
  • Village Coordinates:872, 79, 744 (Bedrock)

5. The Split Swamps

12 Best Mangrove Swamp Seeds for Minecraft 1.19 (5)

Some players still haven’t gotten a chance to understand how big and important the swamp biome revamp is. But with the help of this seed, you can experience both the regular and mangrove swamp biomes side by side, experiencing the best of both worlds. The scene is iconic and nostalgic. From majestic mangrove swamp to sulky regular swamp, you can see the direction where Minecraft is heading with upcoming updates.

  • Seed Code: -8118835637104252212
  • Biome Coordinates: 1263, 64, 895 (Bedrock & Java)

6. Spawn Inside Mangrove Swamp

12 Best Mangrove Swamp Seeds for Minecraft 1.19 (6)

Following in the footsteps of the existing swamp biome, the availability of mangrove swamps right at spawn is low. But if you use this best mangrove swamp seed, you will spawn right on top of a mud block surrounded by mangrove trees. The area isn’t particularly large, but big enough for you to enjoy the new biome without much effort.

  • Seed Code: 6306808076142139007

7. Boat Safari & Desert Pyramid

12 Best Mangrove Swamp Seeds for Minecraft 1.19 (7)

If you don’t know already, it’s time for you to learn how to make a boat in Minecraft 1.19. With that, you can enjoy the network of rivers that flow into the mangrove swamp and collect resources without worrying about inventory space. Once you are done boating, the same swamp also has a unique desert temple next to it. The temple is located on the side of a mountain, so you might miss it if you don’t keep your eyes peeled.

  • Seed Code: 5597042482980506058
  • Coordinates: 680, 112, 334 (Java)

8. Smallest Mangrove Swamp

12 Best Mangrove Swamp Seeds for Minecraft 1.19 (8)

While a majority of our list features the large and majestic mangrove swamps, this seed is different. If you load into this seed in Minecraft 1.19, it leads you to possibly the smallest mangrove swamp in any seed. It is surrounded by the jungle biome on all sides. If it wasn’t for the color of mangrove leaves, you might not be able to recognize its presence here.

Seed Code: 6362874625297083570
Coordinates: 139, 77, 459 (Java & Bedrock)

9. Jungle Swamp Temple

12 Best Mangrove Swamp Seeds for Minecraft 1.19 (9)

As the title suggests, this is one of the best mangrove swamp seeds in Minecraft 1.19. This seed presents a merger of jungle and swamp biome with a jungle temple in the middle. Though, what more interesting is seeing jungle trees with leaves that follow the color scheme of mangrove swamp and vice versa. The game’s confusion in coloring the plantation is amusing and perfect for making a unique type of wooden house in one of these best seeds to build cities and bases.

  • Seed Code: -5523080183147430765
  • Coordinates: -143, 74, 100 (Bedrock)

10. Hidden Desert Temple

12 Best Mangrove Swamp Seeds for Minecraft 1.19 (10)

Because of its closely packed and dense structure, most players travel on top of the mangrove trees instead of the surface of the mangrove swamps biome. But imagine trying to climb down from the trees only to land inside a desert temple. That’s what happens in the following seed that has a secretive desert temple inside the mangrove swamp. Fortunately, you don’t have to discover it alone, thanks to all the newly added Minecraft frogs in the area.

  • Seed Code: -8476049364561250802
  • Coordinates: 779, 81, 58 (Bedrock)

11. Largest Mangrove Swamp

12 Best Mangrove Swamp Seeds for Minecraft 1.19 (11)

This next seed is easily my favorite mangrove swamp seed for Minecraft 1.19. It spawns us in the middle of one of the largest mangrove swamp biome. You can enjoy all the features of this new biome in all its glory here. Whether you want to build a mangrove base or a frog farm, this should be the perfect seed for you.

  • Seed Code: 7394116204989160085

12. Mangrove Engulfed Pillager Outpost

12 Best Mangrove Swamp Seeds for Minecraft 1.19 (12)

Finally, the last Minecraft 1.19 seed on our list features a Pillager outpost that seems it is engulfed by mangrove trees. The outpost spawns on the intersecting edge of a biome but fits well with the swamp features. And if that isn’t enough to convince you, the outpost also has goat horns, which is another one of the exciting new features of the Minecraft 1.19 update. Goat horns, for those unaware, are the first official instrument in Minecraft.

  • Seed Code: -4890848222659350158
  • Coordinates: -1312, 70, -336 (Java)

Explore Top Mangrove Swamp Seeds in Minecraft Java and Bedrock

With that, you now have a complete list of the best mangrove swamp seeds for Minecraft 1.19. And believe it or not, this is not the only new biome you can explore with this update. For that, you can use our list of these best ancient city seeds to dive deep into the deep dark biome of Minecraft. But unlike the friendly frogs in swamps, the Ancient cities have the scary Warden in Minecraft 1.19. So, don’t even think about stepping into its territory without the best Minecraft enchantments. And while you’re upgrading your gear, try to get netherite in Minecraft too. Having said that, have you discovered any cool Minecraft 1.19 seeds with the mangrove swamp biome? Share them with our readers in the comments below! We might select a few and feature some in this article when we update it.

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